Kazi Samiur Rahman


Managing Director

Kazi Samiur Rahman is a management professional with extensive experience in industrial project set up in consumer electronics and also sales-oriented banking in the financial sectors of UK and Bangladesh.

As Managing Director of Rancon Electronics, Samiur headed a new industrial venture which focused on establishing a full-scale refrigerator manufacturing plant. Under his leadership, Rancon Electronics launched a new home appliances brand – Astra in the Bangladesh market. Samiur also led Rangs Industries – another strategic business unit of Rangs Group involved in sales and distribution of global consumer electronics brands like Toshiba and Samsung.

As Head of Retail Business of IPDC, Samiur was instrumental in revamping the fledging retail department of the company. Under his leadership, the deposit portfolio of the financial institution grew substantially and he also signed landmark corporate agreements with a number of multinational companies. Samiur started his career with Barclays Bank in UK and later he worked for Standard Chartered in Bangladesh.

Samiur holds a B.Comm in Business Administration from University of Windsor and MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.