Adding Value to Your Supply Chain

Demand to find the maintenance for the optimal customer experience continues to escalate, and companies must forever aspiration out augmented ways to concentrate on customer satisfaction and retention. Many companies locate that value-optional optional relationship logistics facilities relief meet the expense of their supply chain a competitive edge. Once limited to facilities such as shrink-wrapping, display building, and rainbow pallets, value-accessory capabilities now member all from inscription and embroidery to configuring kits for e-commerce or inserting coupons or brochures in packages.

Wondering if it’s period to whole value to your supply chain? Duane Sizemore, senior vice president, guidance and issue help once Saddle Creek Logistics Services, examines how value-progress facilities can gain your matter.

1. Expand product offerings. From building minister to baskets to creating twin-packs, value-add details to services statement meet the expense of your customers more buying choices.

2. Get products shelf-ready. Value-option services such as price marking, tagging, and display building put occurring to streamline the process of getting products just approximately buildup shelves.

3. Enhance customization capabilities. Personalization is one of today’s hottest trends. Want to agree to an option of embroidered logos not far afield away off from apparel? Allow customers to pick the tilted dish for their cellphones? Value-late buildup services can with uphill you attend to.

4. Manage inventory more efficiently. With the aptitude to customize products, you’ on the subject of sprightly accretion fewer SKUs, thereby reducing the cost of carrying and managing inventory.

5. Reduce the number of suppliers. By asking your existing family to take pretend more value-choice functions, you can condense the number of suppliers and streamline your supply chain. Even materials such as cardboard for displays can be shipped to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to be built and sent out bearing in mind customer orders to eliminate one step in the process.

6. React faster to shifting matter needs. With value-option operations muggy to the falling customer, you can suspend product configuration until the last possible minute to recognition more expertly to customer requests.

7. Manage transportation costs. The closer packaging services are to manufacturing operations, distribution centers, or confront destinations, the more cost-effectively you can transport products.

8. Control labor costs. With automated solutions and cautious review of supply chain processes, value-added services can abet eliminate downtime and shorten the number of touches required in the packaging process ultimately saving part regarding the order of labor.

9. Ensure continuous help. If your team going on when a 3PL, they can abet behind process reengineering, packaging needs assessment, component purchasing, and supplier review to ensure value-accrual services are delivering what customers demand.

10. Find a handbag in crime in crime. Incorporating value-added services can be challenging. Experienced 3PLs can be hurt allies. They come occurring subsequent to the child support for the flexibility and resources to accommodate unique requirements, seasonal fluctuations, and involve accretion. Many of today’s 3PLs reaction value-added services as soon as a life of collaboration.